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What are brides saying about Kingdom DJ Productions 

"My wife and I were beyond pleased with Kingdom DJ Productions' work and would recommend them to anyone who cares about music as much as we do.  Sure you can find a DJ for less, but that's just what you get, less.  Spend the money and hire a professional who cares about making your next event the best it can be." -Ryan & Camile

"KDP did an outstanding job preparing for the wedding, setting up the day of the wedding, and being an MC the entire night.  I would recommend them to anyone. They are personable, knowledgeable, experienced, fun, and very supportive!" -Ed & Christa

"KDP was extremely helpful and attentive in helping us plan our event. They added creativity and were willing to go the extra mile to make our event a successful and fun event. They showed that thay cared about us and our vision for our Special Day, rather than imposing their own preferences. They also helped us think outside the box to create a memorable event. I would recommend KDP to ANYONE and EVERYONE looking for a DJ to create a memorable and special event!" -Katie & Jason

iPod wedding?  "We did NOT use a professional DJ or KDP services after all... big mistake! My husband had a play list and a great system that his DJ friend let us use, who was unavailable to attend our wedding reception due to illness. I think i heard the same songs play over six times. Any way, I've learned that on a day as special as my wedding reception using a professional DJ to have the right music and the timing of it, is not something to skimp on." Renee

"Working with Jeff (from Kingdom DJ Productions) was an awesome experience. He's someone who truly understand the ebb and flow of wedding day activities and caters to the needs of every client differently. With music tailored to unique tastes, fun reminxes throughout the night, and a personal touch, I hope to work with him again soon. He's a true industry professional and a genuine person."-Jasmine Star (Jasmine Star Photography)

One of a kind

From mild to wild, casual to elegant, Kingdom DJ Productions can help make dreams come true one wedding at a time.  We will ensure you receive the individual attention necessary to create the unique event you want.  The only limitations are your imagination. ​

Experience you can trust

We arrive early for your event and maintain the highest degree of professionalism.  We talk with you before the wedding and play your preferences.  Skillfully selected and played music will add the important “feel good” element that helps everyone interact, rekindle relationships faded by time away and form new friendships.  Music is relaxing, exciting, romantic, and inspirational.  Dancing keeps everyone at your event longer and contributes greatly to your guest’s enjoyment. Kingdom DJ Productions has built a solid reputation by providing exceptional weddings for over 10 years.

The First Step

It's easy to obtain more information and plan entertainment services for your event so let's get started


A professional DJ provides the positive catalyst for your wedding.  From selecting just the right music, to making announcements as emcee, we do all that we can to ensure your reception is a memorable one, and that each special moment is perfect. We want your reception to be everything you have envisioned and we will strive to aid you in any way we can.  We take away the worries about the music, sound system and lighting.All text and photos are registered Copyrighted material of Kingdom DJ Productions