​Kingdom DJ Productions

What type of event

A wedding reception vs. back yard party.  The amount of time needed for pre-planning event planning and coordination during each event will vary and also affect the total price.  The difference between planning and coordination for a four hour back yard party vs. a wedding reception is significant and therefore affects the price.  A comparison of entertainment services based on length of performance time alone is not a good contrast.

Length of performance time 

The total time you request for us to perform will affect the total price.  Packages normally start out at a 3 hour minimum and build from there.  Additional time beyond what is included with the package is automatically added at $65 per half hour.  

Timing Tips – If you need a DJ to perform for 4 hours total, look at the package that already includes 4 hours.  Request only the time you need us to perform.  If you have reserved an event venue for 6 hours (6p-12a) request only the time you need us to perform not how long you have reserved a venue.

Additional Options & Staff

Additional options – There are several additional options you have to customize your event.   As you complete our instant price quote for your event, “Learn More” section of our website, it offers you several suggestions such as additional lighting, sound reinforcement, video screens and more.  Prices are listed at the end of each option description.

Additional staff – Many events may require additional staff members to help deliver the atmosphere you require in a reasonable amount of time.  You many wish to request additional options such as, extra lights, additional Sound System (i.e. for an outside wedding ceremony) or a large audience of over 300 people. These types of scenarios may require additional staff to help with the set-up and break down.​

Travel distance

Travel time, set-up and tear down are included in each package in most cases.  In those cases where the travel distance to an event is more then 50 miles one way from our offices in zip code 92807 (Anaheim CA.), the travel time to and from an event will be just as long as the performance itself (approximately 4 hours).  Instead of raising prices for all events to cover possible travel costs, a modest charge will apply only for events that require travel over 50 miles (one way) from zip code 92807.  This will help pay for gas & other possible expenses.  This charge will be automatically added to your package if required. 

what affects the price of my quote?

The following are a few factors we use to customize a quote that will best fit your needs.  Kingdom DJ Productions works with clients who value entertainment rather then just shopping for the lowest price.  If you are looking for the cheapest DJ out there, then we may not be the company for you.  We constantly have our pulse on entertainment industry pricing.  On  a scale of 1-5 (1=least expensive to 5=most expensive) our package prices are usually a 2 or 3. Each of the items listed may affect the price of your quote.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact us​.