​Kingdom DJ Productions

Top 200 Requested Songs polled from DJ events across the country

Our Top 200 Requested Songs are a GENERAL list for all events ranging from weddings to high school dances.  This list DOES NOT include our entire music selection.  Our music library contains thousands of selections that allow us to play most of the requests that we receive and our music library is continually updated with new hits.  The top 200 list may or may not fit the type and style of music that you want at your event however we always play the music that you want to hear.

Music Styles

  •     40’s/Big Band
  •     Golden Oldies
  •     Classic 50’s & 60’s
  •     70's & Disco
  •     80's Retro rock & Dance
  •     Top 40/Alternative Rock
  •     (if you like 102.7 or 104.3, 98.7 FM)
  •     R & B/ Hip Hop  (if you like 105.9 or 92.3 FM)
  •     Dance music/Techno
  •     Classic R&B (Motown)
  •     Specialty music such as: Jazz, Classical, Beach Music
  •     Reggae/Caribbean, and other selections.

Our Music

Music selection is an important part of your event.  It helps to set the mood and get people more involved with your event.  There are many categories of music from which we can play including the top 200 most requested songs. 
For your convenience you can use our Music Search tool to search songs for your event.  If we do not currently have a special song you are looking for we are always willing to play a CD or USB flash drive that you provide.