​Kingdom DJ Productions


Mood lights during key times create unique looks or a warm or romantic feeling   ​hted by Kingdom DJ Productions


Scanning lights, gobos, color changing effects and more are often used in night clubs. Intelligent light effects can raise the energy and atmosphere of the dance floor to astonishing levels.    ​hted by Kingdom DJ Productions

Fog & Lasers

As fog or smoke machine is a device that emits a harmless vapor that appears similar to fog or smoke used to enhance the lighting experience for audiences. Laser effects produce very intense beams of light often in exciting patterns or shapes.      ​hted by Kingdom DJ Productions


Dynamic light effects will dance to the music, energize your guests and can elevate your event to new heights.  ​hted by Kingdom DJ Productions

Lighting upgrades  

In addition to great music, lighting effects are an easy way to enhance your event.  Kingdom DJ Productions has several packages to fit your needs and help make your event a success. The right lighting gives your event both excitement and sets a relaxed mood. Choose from our existing light packages or customize one to fit your events specific needs. See pricing and learn more during the online quote process. this text & website is copyrighted by Kingdom DJ Productions