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Q: Are you available?
Q: Will you plan and coordinate my event?
Q: Will you handle Emcee responsibilities?
Q: How will the DJ dress for my event?
Q: What music selections do you have?
Q: Do you take requests and will you use discretion?
Q: Do you have professional equipment?
Q: When will you setup for my event?
Q: Will you provide a written contract?
Q: Are you insured?
Q: How significant is my entertainment to my event?

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Q: are you available?

This should always be your first question.  If your date is unavailable, Kingdom DJ Productions will refer you to other quality entertainers.  Instantly check our availability online-->

Q: will you plan and coordinate my event?

Your DJ will act as your event coordinator.  A professional DJ entertainer will have the experience and knowledge to guide your event from start to finish. Planning all the details prior to your event will eliminate confusion.  A prepared DJ will also work with your other vendors so you have more time to enjoy your event. 

Q: will you handle emcee responsibilities?

A professional DJ will handle emcee responsibilities and make announcements at your event. A confident speaker will be understood by your attending guests when your formalities and names are announced throughout your event.

Q: how will the DJ dress for my event?

From mild to wild, casual to elegant, Kingdom DJ Productions will fit-in at your event.  From casual dress to suit or Tuxedo we make sure your DJ will dress appropriately according to your request.  Your DJ is a representation of you and their attire should reflect your standards.

Q: what music selections do you have?

Kingdom DJ Productions maintains an extensive music library which contains selections that will appeal to every age range and music taste, all with the suitable "clean/radio" edits. Most of all, our music library contains thousands of selections that allow us to play most of the requests that we receive. A broad music library is especially important if you are planning any event. Listed below are just some of the categories of music from which you can select:

  • 40’s/Big Band
  • Golden Oldies
  • Classic 50’s & 60’s
  • 70's & Disco
  • 80's Retro rock & Dance
  • Top 40/Alternative Rock
  • R & B/Hip Hop
  • Dance music
  • Specialty music such as: Jazz, Classical, Beach Music, Reggae/Caribbean, and other selections
  • Our music library is continually updated with new hits.
    More about music-->

Q: do you take requests and will you use discretion?

Requests should be accepted within your defined guidelines.  Appropriate music will be played upon your request which is not offensive, sexually suggestive, or inappropriate for your type of gathering.

Q: do you have professional equipment?

Yes.  Professional gear may include: Crown, Serato, JBL, Mackie, QSC, Pioneer, Rane, Technics and much more.

Q: when will you setup for my event?

Kingdom DJ Productions will setup and be dressed in appropriate attire prior to your guests arrival.  You will not be charged an additional amount for setup or breakdown. Normally we arrive an hour early to start setup prior to your event.

Q: will you provide a written contract?

Your performance contract will detail what your DJ entertainer is providing as well as requirements from you (such as floor space and electricity).

Q: are you insured?

Yes.  We carry an insurance policy to protect the businesses and you the consumer. 

Q: how significant is my entertainment to my event?

The higher the importance, the more service your DJ should provide, and the more you should invest in your entertainment. There is an erroneous belief that a DJ is "just music". Kingdom DJ Productions provides more than "just music" and will care about the success of your event as much as you do. Kingdom DJ Productions is a dedicated professional DJ service that will transform your ideas into reality.

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Hiring a DJ for the first time can be challenging.  Kingdom DJ Productions can offer suggestions to help you make the best educated entertainment choice.  The following are a few Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) that will help you find a professional, high-quality entertainer.